About Us

Mollie Soto had a vision. In her mind’s eye, she saw a company built upon the bedrock ethical and professional standards she personally had practiced over a 30-year career, a company that would fight to preserve its clients’ images while getting the job done in an area of business many physicians consider to be the most troublesome: collections and medical billing. That vision came true!
Medical Management Services, Inc. is a Texas Corporation, chartered in 1986. We are a fully bonded collection agency. Our offices are located at 3160 N Lee Trevino, Suite 106, El Paso, Texas, 79936. The company is wholly owned by Mollie Soto, who has over fifty two years in the collection industry in El Paso. President Mollie Soto, remains active in all of the daily operations. Representing Medical Management Services, Inc. is Olga Mendoza, Vice-President, Operations Manager.
Medical Management Services, Inc. has been actively involved in the billing and collection of hospital physician and commercial accounts since it’s inception in December 1986. Our entire staff is highly trained and experienced in the billing of primary, secondary, and Medicare and Medicaid insurance. Their training and experience includes highly sensitive areas encountered by many of our clients. We also offer a pre-collection and demand service. Browse our website and contact us with any questions.
In consideration of the mutual promises set forth herein, Medical Management Services, Inc. asserts the following policy:
To formulate sound, constructive policies and practices. To administer all collection operations of the company in a manner that will increase distribution, collection volume and contribute to the profits of our client. Add to their stability and provide for prompt turnover and adequate protection of the clients investment in their accounts receivable.