Medical Billing

Medical Management Services, Inc. provides medical billing services for doctors in the El Paso area with staff members who are trained and knowledged in medical claim specialty and HIPAA compliance, maintaining the highest level of security. We are especially designed to offer personalized service. We believe that close communication is essential between a doctor, staff and Medical Management Services, Inc.
Medical Management Services, Inc. has modern equipment to provide the type of billing service you require and can handle your medical billing needs in one of two ways:
1) We offer an in-house medical billing computer program – Medical Office Management System (M.O.M.S.), or
2) We can link up directly to your computer system through a server and work as if we were in your office. Any and all updates, billing, payments, adjustments and patient notes are immediately available to your staff in your office.
Medical Management Services, Inc. strives to provide our clients with the upmost quality of service keeping your cost down and your revenue up.
When a medical practice deputizes Medical Management Services, Inc. to bill and collect, administratively burdensome tasks have been outsourced and good things start happening: patient financial accounts continue to be managed with efficiency and sensitivity, but cash flow improves. Best of all, physicians and their staff can start devoting full attention to the things they want most to do – practice medicine.